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Domestic Violence

Lora Kushava, MA, MFT

I specialize in working with men and women who are experiencing or engaging in abusive controlling behaviors within their close relationships. Often times there are traumas linked to the victim of domestic violence and sexual abuse and a safe supportive environment is needed to process through those experiences. I come along side you with compassion, empathy, love and understanding as we journey through those experiences to heal and to bring change.

If you are engaging in controlling abusive behaviors, I walk with you to bring accountability and opportunities to make changes for yourself as we work together to dissolve pride and anger and bring relief to hurt and insecurities. What you say flows from what is in your heart (Luke 6:46) and we will work together to exam your heart honestly and with truth to become aware of your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs that are justifying and rationalizing your behaviors.

I also work with children and teens that are affected by domestic violence and sexual abuse, as they too have been injured internally and externally by the destruction of others. 

I work with men to encourage and support change. I focus on the The Christian curriculum which is a supplement to Creating a Process of Change for Men who Batter part of the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project of Minnesota. 

I see clients at the St. Croix Falls Wisconsin location